The Dropster Net gun – Quick and reliable neutralization of UAV's.

The Dropster is a nonlethal counter-UAV system. Due to its high mobility and quick preparedness it is recommended for various tasks, such as personal and property protection. The red-dot sight combined with the high speed of the net also allows the operator to neutralize moving targets.

System advantages

  • quickly prepared

  • easy handling

  • high degree of mobility

  • fast capture and tracking of target

  • high shot speed

  • tear resistant net (HMPE)

  • guaranteed operating distance up to 30m

  • non-lethal

  • hardly no secondary damage


The Dropster-System is already in use withvarious prisons, police corps, border patrol and security providers.


Ideal application areas are:

  • Conferences

  • Penitentiaries

  • Military facilities

  • Airports

  • International Embassies

  • Personal, object and event protection

Press release in English (Feb 2018)